x6 Ultimate Upholstery 17 Canisters

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x6 Sovereign Aerosols Upholstery 17kg Canisters (Spray Gun and Hose not included)

**Please review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before use**

Upholstery17 is one of the first products from the new generation of synthetic rubber/resin adhesives especially formulated for use in the upholstery trade.

 Upholstery17 is supplied in a disposable 22 Litre Canister, which is linked through a 3.5 metre hose to a spray gun (we recommend using the Sovereign gun and spray hose). This provides an easy to use, self-contained time saving spraying system.

 Upholstery17 has been exclusively formulated as a powerful yet flexible bonding system, perfect for soft or pliable materials such as foam, felt, fabrics, carpets and carpet tiles, cardboard, rubber, and a wide variety of substrates including wood, particle board, MDF, metal, concrete, glass, rigid plastics  etc;

 Note: Upholstery17 is not suitable for heavily plasticised PVC.

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Using the Sovereign spray gun and hose, spray the adhesive from approximately 40-50cm holding the gun at right angles towards the surface and spray an evenly in a thin layer constantly moving across the surface. Allow the surface to become touch dry - this will take between 2-6 minutes dependent on the ambient conditions.

IMPORTANT: Upholstery Adhesive is solvent based and may not be suitable for heavily plasticised PVC - An evaluation of the adhesive should be carried out in application conditions to before commercial use is undertaken. This should also include reference to ageing . Safety data sheets must be read and understood before use.