x6 Ultimate Non Chlorinated Contact 22 Canisters

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x6 Sovereign Sprayable Non-Chlorinated Contact 22 Adhesive (Spray Gun and Hose not included)

High Temperature (110ºC)

The King of Aerosols

Contact 22 is one of the first products from the new generation of synthetic rubber/resin adhesives. Its high solids/low solvent formula produces a quicker, stronger, more aggressive bonding system which out performs all conventional adhesives.

**Please review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before use**


Contact 22 is supplied in a 22 Litre canister, which is linked through a 3.5 metre hose to a spray gun (we recomend using the Sovereign gun and spray hose). This provides an easy to use, portable, time saving spraying system. Gun and Hose sold separate.


Contact 22 bonds many materials such as laminates, fabrics, foam, felt, carpets and carpet tiles, cardboard, rubber, polythene, sheet vinyl and most plastics to themselves and a wide variety of substrates including wood, metal, concrete, brickwork, stone, slate, glass etc; making it ideal for use in contract flooring, exhibitions, carpet laying, furniture manufacture, re-upholstering, laminating, veneering, shop fitting, joinery etc. It has a high temperature resistance up to 110ºC, which makes it suitable for applications within coach building, vehicle, boat and caravan fitting and refurbishment, or for wherever a high temperature bond is required.



Note: Contact 22 is not suitable for heavily plasticised PVC.


Perfect for

  • Laminate bonding
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Woodwork & joinery
  • Counters & worktops
  • Doors & cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Kitchens
  • Cupboards

Provides instant bonding and outperforms all conventional aerosol adhesives.

Technically-advanced high solids / low solvent formula produces a quicker, stronger, more aggressive bonding system.

The #1 choice for carpet fitters, flooring specialists, kitchen fitters, joiners and carpenters.

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