x6 Ultimate Carpet Tile Tackifier 17kg Canisters

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x6 22LTR Carpet Tile Tackifier Canisters (Spray Gun and Hose not included)

  • Long Open Time
  • Easy lift and re-laid
  • CFC Free
  • Up To 500m2 coverage per Canister

**Please review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before use**

Sovereign Tackifier Adhesive is a spray grade pressure sensitive flooring adhesive in a canister. Sovereign Tackifier can be used for carpet tile and underlay tacking applications and allows the carpet tiles to be laid and then repeatedly lifted and repositioned without damage to the substrate.  Sovereign Tackifier is suitable for use on most common subfloors. The benefits of Sovereign Tackifier are ultra-fast installation time and easy lift and re-lay, thus making Sovereign Tackifier a favorite with installers.


Using the Sovereign spray gun and hose, spray the adhesive from approximately 40-50cm holding the gun at right angles towards the surface and spray an evenly in a thin layer constantly moving across the surface. Allow the surface to become touch dry - this will take between 2-6 minutes dependent on the ambient conditions.

IMPORTANT: carpet tile Tackifier is solvent based and may not be suitable for heavily plasticised PVC - An evaluation of the adhesive should be carried out in application conditions to before commercial use is undertaken. This should also include reference to ageing . safety data sheets must be read and understood before use.